Unfocused, yet fully awesome blog post

It’s Tuesday, I usually blog on Tuesdays, so here is a blogpost about not writing a blogpost. A lot of stuff has been going on, so I have various rationalizations for not writing a decent post. Someone gave me a couple topic ideas, but I vetoed them. I’m unvetoing them for five seconds for curious parties:

“Obligatory Steve Jobs Musings” – I have nothing to add, it’s been said. He was brilliant, gave the world a lot, and I too am bummed that he only got 56 years. The Stanford speech got me too. I think Jon Stewart pretty much said it.

“A week without Facebook reflections” – There’s only one reflection (also it’s been like three weeks): I don’t fucking miss Facebook, I forgot about it. I didn’t forget about some of the people I stayed in touch with on it, but c’est la vie – if they want to be in contact with me, they’ll figure out that I am accessible through many, many other channels.

“the Book seems pretty relevant” – Oh Christ. Ok, so I’m almost “done” with this pile of paper I’m calling a book. I just have one problem, the ending, and it is a doosy. Of course, what is really frustrating is that there’s only like two people I can talk to about the ending. Both of them share the same opinion, both of them are flat out wrong. I can’t tell you about it though because it’ll spoil the ending for you. So, wtf.

In other news, I’m officially the only person who even half thinks I should continue earning my Masters, and my opinion on that has been leaning towards “Fuck it” ever since this morning when I opened a pdf and saw Papyrus in the imagery. What’s really bad is that this semester focuses on Multimedia Design and Computer Supported Cooperative Learning – though, to be fair, it was a CSCL that used that nasty, disgusting font.

I’m still following a bunch of projects and dabbling in participation. I took a little step back for the writing sabbatical and will be back at full speed once the book is no longer in it’s final stages. I feel bad for leaving some projects hanging, but I doubt anyone noticed anyway. At least, no one told me they’re missing me so…

There it is, an unfocused and fully awesome Tuesday blog post.

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Unfocused, yet fully awesome blog post

One thought on “Unfocused, yet fully awesome blog post

  1. Anna says:

    I think you totally should go on doing the worst master in the world…cause I will DIE without you!!!! And btw… I will have to repeat the ***** test about marotzki….

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