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I’m a big fan of words, so I’m creating a list of words or phrases that should, in my opinion, be commonly used. Or if not used, considered. Some of them might be politically incorrect. Maybe I define them, maybe I don’t. Maybe I just had a crazy itch to write them down. Whatever the case, I needed a place to write them down, and you’ve stumbled upon said place.

ask a scientist! This should be a common response to any question when one is feeling particularly snarky.
bike dork
Heh, you know them right? It’s not necessarily the bikers into safety. That’s cool man, be safe. Bike dorks are more the people with racer stripes helmet and tiny pants and a water bottle with a built in compass. Additionally, they are grocery shopping and being cool in the city where their weird fanny pack just doesn’t fit in. (Someone please inform the Germans that fanny packs were never and will never be cool.)
chicken sweat
definitability As in “There is a definitability that the store across the street sells Passion Fruit juice.” It’s not a possibility, it’s a sure thing. I guess you could just rephrase the sentence to “It’s certain that the store over there…” but I like the way definitability is hard to say.
functional addiction
geek circus
multi-talentism Coined by David Bruant this word is the ism for “being multifaceted in your skill set” and should be used to describe the overarching theory of being multifaceted. Multi-talentism is not generally accepted in our society. Really, we’re all supposed to be one thing (a police officer, a blogger, a consultant, etc). This idea is the reason that I’m ordering business cards with just my name and email.
music %$* This one comes from a friend of mine who happens to be a music %$*. Unfortunately, I have to say I use the term in a derogatory sense that has absolutely nothing to do with #^$&*@#&*##. The thing is when I was a kid “%$*” was mean, but in a funny way. Ingrained before I knew how a single word could seriously hurt someone. I don’t know why, it seems so wrong now, but that was then and this is now. So I apologize for using the word %$*, but fact is, I have a friend who is a music %$*. He gets all excited about double 10inch special edition Radiohead clear vinyl albums with an instant downloadable mp3 and a CD to boot. He preorders and organizes his vinyl and is a music %$*. I could also say music $^#(, actually. But at this point, I’ve explained myself, so I don’t really see why I should change my phrasing. Then again…Ok, solution, I’ll just symbol out the second word and you can be left to wonder. GENIUS!
thinking at someone communicating through telepathy

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