The Ins and Outs of an Interactive Project

An interactive project has a lot of ins and outs. There are multiple phases and lots of people involved. If it’s the first time you’re involved, it can be frustrating trying to remember everything and understanding who the go-to people are. If you have had lots of involvement in interactive projects, the following road map might still be helpful to you in that it lists the phases and typical roles in an interactive project.

Phases of an Interactive Project

Phase 1: Research

  • Have an idea/be commissioned to begin a subject
  • finding funding
  • Definition of the problem to be addressed
  • Definition of the project contract
  • Definition of the project management – Project Management is defined as all the leadership tasks that are going to need to be addressed, decision making: organization, techniques and mediums.
  • Educating the project team
  • Defining the target group
  • information and material collection
  • research for target groups and there general methods of interaction
  • responsibilities on: patron and project leader

Phase 2: Planning

  • Establishment of goals/context analyzing and resource planning
  • team establishment and partnerships
  • time planning
  • media planning
  • development of the concept
  • development of the material
  • responsibilities on: project team (project leader, programmers/tech people, specialists)

Phase 3: Conceptualization/Design/Production – Programming

  • Normative decisions (eg Theories)
  • Strategic decisions
  • Operative decisions (media and concrete design measures
  • design decisions (Look and Feel)
  • Global Navigation (ie content of the project)
  • home page info, actions to take, examples
  • Corporate Identity
  • Press
  • Media
  • CMS, URL Name, Host, Server, Meta, SEO

Phase 4: Piloting/Quality Management (testing)

  • piloting (evaluation) – Performance stats
  • actual usage (implementation/corrections)

Phase 5: Translation of project results

  • realization of entire concepts = project end
  • interactive aspect finished

Phase 6: Evaluation/Quality Control

  • Were the project goals reached?
  • Evaluate what worked/didn’t work.
  • Listen to everyone’s opinions on the outcomes.

During the project phase, employees, foundations and leadership levels should be informed, motivated and inspired. The integration of extremely good communication and information politics should be a daily task. The following rolls are the bare minimum for an interactive project, but we all know that there are a lot of tasks involved that are not listed.

Rolls – Individual Tasks and Skills

the “Client” (personnel development, project leader)


  • creates contracts for conception and development of the project
  • establishes the goals of the project
  • prepares the resources (people and techniques)


  • strategic competency
  • direction and decisions in financial, personnel and contextual questions

Designer (designing content and prep for IT)


  • designing information and materials for target groups
  • web design
  • summarizing the content for a variety of usages (press, web, funders, etc)
  • supporting the technical translation


  • aesthetically gifted
  • up to date with new media and what is currently possible
  • technical skills (knows when to use which application and for what purpose)
  • serves as liaison between the client and the IT team

IT specialists


  • development of virtual environments
  • creates toolkits for non technical staff/client
  • supports the translation of the project (proposals, implementation, testing, going live)
  • maintenance of the project (hardware, installation routines, updates)


  • programming languages and the understanding of databases
  • knows technical standards
  • can translate technical requirements to non technical staff/clients


This document was originally developed in German as a Wiki, in collaboration with:

I translated it into English. If you think we forgot something, put it in the comments!


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The Ins and Outs of an Interactive Project

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