System Thinking

We have a rather large task in front of us. We want to create a generation of webmakers. An entire generation. To do so, we have to teach them a mess of webmaker skills that have never been collectively defined. We have to create learning materials for those skills. We have to target specific groups and solve specific problems in each group. We have to support our community by giving them content they can use. We don’t just have to figure out what we have and what we need, we have to figure out how to get there.

After seeing Michelle Levesque’s “What the Mozilla Foundation is Up To This Year” post (with awesome drawing), and reading Mark Surman’s “Creating a Web Literate Planet” I had to blow up their cool drawings and thinking. At first, I just focused on the pieces and parts that pertained to the Event Kit. But I realized that I, personally, needed a better picture of our plan as a whole.

Why? Because constructing a cognitive understanding of the system will allow me to create holistic approaches to problems within the system.

This is the basic system.

This is the complex system.

This is how you understand the basic system.

This is how you understand the complex system.

This is just my way of thinking about what I’m doing. The system is probably even more complex. If anyone wants to add or hack the system, I’d be interested in hearing about it. Also, I don’t know whether is using other subdomains from mozilla or subdirectories. Just an FYI.

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System Thinking

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