This Week in Webmaker Training: Building

Last week, we launched a new online learning experience, Webmaker Training, and you can see how that first week went here.

This week in Webmaker Training we concentrated on building open educational resources. We used the Webmaker Teaching Kits to document activity ideas and learning objectives for teaching the skills and competencies on the Web Literacy Map.

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Participating in this kind of open, online learning experience is like learning to ride a bicycle. It might be difficult to get used to how this thing works and to stay on it, but once you’ve learned to ride, there are endless possibilities of places to go and people to ride with.

We are making interesting things:

And having interesting discussions:

It’s never too late

Come collaborate and make things with this engaged community. We all have something to teach and something to learn, so join us now in Webmaker Training!

You can see all the live sessions on the calendar and schedule your own by announcing your topic in the Live Sessions category in the #TeachTheWeb discussion forum.

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Here’s how YOU can participate:

You can join in any time to ask questions, provide feedback and have fun learning and making with the entire community. Next week, we’ll talk about facilitating participatory learning experiences and playtesting our events.

Thanks to all the participants, I’m loving teaching and learning alongside you!

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This Week in Webmaker Training: Building

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