Producing Teach Like Mozilla in the Open (with YOU!)

After fruitful conversations around open fluency and making a commitment (next call April 30th) to think about what that means, while in parallel producing leadership and development content for Teach Like Mozilla, we’ve made some decisions about what is most useful to the overall Mozilla Learning strategy right now. I’m happy to know that once “right now” is over, there’s a whole roadmap for “what’s next” because I’ve planned Mozilla curriculum production for…well the foreseeable future.

The first task will be to produce a couple of guides specifically for community leaders who are helping us build Mozilla Web Clubs. We’ll be making a “Your first Month as a Regional Coordinator” and a “Your First Month as a Club Captain” guides that utilize Teach Like Mozilla modules in addition to Club specific actions, templates and protocols.

I’ve mapped the production work and marked which pieces are intended for the more global professional development curriculum we call Teach Like Mozilla. I’ve created a shared Google Doc folder to streamline production (because I’m worried that if I send everyone to the Teach Like Mozilla curriculum on Github, people will get snagged in the technical details instead of immersed in the content production).

Later this week I intend to file late Q2 and Q3 curricular issues that harness the likely-too-brainy roadmap harnessed in this google doc.

There is PLENTY of room for involvement. All docs are open, issues are open for discussion and if you are feeling lost with the way I organize, please reach out and say “Laura, no one understands this except for you…” I need that kind of direct feedback, and I swear there is a method to the madness!

Producing Teach Like Mozilla in the Open (with YOU!)

3 thoughts on “Producing Teach Like Mozilla in the Open (with YOU!)

  1. Hey Laura,

    I think this direction makes much more sense for the immediate needs of the Learning Networks.

    The meta issue in Git and the Google Docs is a smart approach as it fits the workflow without making barriers to involvement and volunteering lower.

    We were racing foward with open fluency but it was theoretical work. We need to be focused on the practical now. We can race forward but you built us a track and offered optional blinders so we keep moving forward at a speed real life dictates.

    500 active clubs in 2015 is no small feat. What ever documentation and training materials we can supply the better.

    1. Laura Hilliger says:

      We’ll continue to run towards “open fluency”, but like I said in the call – we have practical stuff to do to support our current community. I think we can do the theoretical and practical in parallel, just need to prioritize the practical! Thanks for reading :D

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