Privacy is for Chumps.

You’re kidding yourself if you think that you have any privacy in the online world. All of the data that you electronically transmit, from your granny’s recipe for apple pie to the “encrypted” NDA you just emailed your newest client, your data is out there, forever, stored in a robots brain and being searched and systematically deconstructed for no reason whatsoever and with no purpose. And it doesn’t matter much because it isn’t just your data, it’s everyone’s data. It only matters when you make the mistake of pissing off the authorities, which many of us are apt to do because we just can’t seem to be clones. Original thought, new creation, thinking about here and now and this and that in a twisted new way? It’s a threat. A threat to the status quo, a threat to the system.

And why are we “private” to begin with? Why should we, as human beings, have to hide who we really are? Because other human beings are intolerant. That’s why. Other humans are intolerant and can’t just shut the fuck up and worry about their own lives. They have to manipulate and control people and for what purpose? I honestly have no fucking clue. I don’t know why some people have to tell other people what they are allowed to be. We’re alive, it’s a super crazy cataclysmic abnormality and it’s only happening once for each and every one of us. I’ve decided that the best offense is a good offense. I’m not going to hide, I’m going to stick it all right in your face and you can then figure out if you are tolerant.

So here I go in an arc of honesty. Just pure unedited thought, art, media, writings. I’m tired of censoring myself so that potential clients don’t get scared off. I’m tired of displaying only the bare minimum so that people who don’t know me can view an edited version of me. I’m tired of pretending that I care about privacy. I don’t care, I’m spilling the beans, I’m going to be long winded and overzealous and arrogant. I’m honest and raw and I’m done drawing a line between business and personal.

People who have worked with me are always happy with the results. I do design, I program stuff, I manage things, I use my brain to help conceptualize ideas, I lead people down the road of digital salvation, I’m on the edge of tech, culture and content and I don’t want to work on stupid projects. Bill paying is also important though, so give me a shout if you have an interactive project that needs help.

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Privacy is for Chumps.

4 thoughts on “Privacy is for Chumps.

  1. Wow, I’ve often thought of opening up like this but have never been brave enough to be honest, afraid that what I say would be misused or manipulated. I really appreciate your writing here. It’s so real, I feel liberated by it…. thank you.

    1. laura says:

      It’s funny, you know – this website is probably my first step in shooting myself in the foot. Somewhere down the line I’ll be judged, my writing will be misinterpreted, someone will make the decision to not hire me, not talk to me, not whatever. But you know what? I’m never going to run for office, so does it really matter?

  2. Je--or should I be anonymous? says:

    So true. So very true! I prefer people to be themselves unless it means they are getting all up in my business. You’d think I’d be as accepting of myself.

    However, over and over again, I read about people getting fired because of something they posted or not getting hired because of the same.

    Heaven help me if one of my old college roommates decides to post incriminating photos of me when it was more OK to make mistakes! My hopes of being in public office would be dragged to the trash icon on a computer where those photos should have gone. For now, I present an edited version of myself — even on my friends-only Facebook page.

    I hope, someday, to be a brave soul like you :)

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