Programs & Materials

Technology is fast moving, and my work requires a good bit of conceptualization and invention to discover ways of empowering lots of people. This page and its posts include some of the concepts, learning materials and engagement approaches I’ve produced over the years. Some of this work is a little bit meta, but the models, concepts and frameworks might make something you’re working on easier.
Since 2016, I’ve been working on the global redesign and development of Greenpeace web presences. Read all about this project on the Planet 4 publication.

Modular & Customizable Model

massively customizable modular model
In 2012, I started working on a massively customizable, modular model for educational initiatives and materials. The model is in use across Mozilla.

Open Web Leadership

open web leadership map
The Open Web Leadership Map starts to define what leadership means when teaching, organizing and sustaining learning on the web.

Meta Curricular Arc

Teach the Web by helping your learners make, tinker, explore and play. Your goal is to give participants skills and exposure, experience and access to web making tools and knowledge. At the end of this curricular arc, learners will understand that they can be expressive on the web, and they will be armed with the tools and knowledge to build the web we all want. Learn more about the important concept of Web Literacy.
This meta arc for Mozilla was designed to help learners tinker and play. The pathway introduces tools and knowledge to increase web literacy.

Training Strategy

From Strategy to Content to Design to Coding, Webmaker Training is a HUGE body of my work, and it’s all under cc-by so there’s plenty to remix!

Web Literacy

I’ve helped develop the Web Literacy concept since its beginning. Here’s a cool thing I made on dependencies for the pathways through Web Lit.

So. Many. Learning. Materials.

Since the beginning of my career I've written, designed and developed learning materials on web and creative topics.
Since the beginning of my career I’ve written, designed and developed learning materials on web and creative topics. These materials all use participatory methods. I’m slow at getting them all in one place.