It’s not *just* Popcorn

I’m really excited about the Popcorn Story Camp coming up this summer. The program planning is coming along nicely, and we’re beginning to make assets (which is always fun). Just check out Kate Hudson’s awesome branding sketches.

We’ve even already written the first draft of a sample curriculum to help webmakers and educators spread the joy of Popcorning. It’s called “Introduction to Web Native Film”, and it’s not just about Popcorn. The idea is that learners will get a solid footing in the definition and processes of Web Native Filmmaking, and they’ll do so while learning other webmaking skills like community etiquette, collaborative making, restaurant html and many more. No, this isn’t just about Popcorn, it’s about webmaking.

The Popcorn Story Camp will run in youth organizations this summer. We’ll be holding and recording Webinars with totally awesome guest speakers. Learners will be invited to create a multitude of content surrounding their topics and at the end of the six weeks, the youth that participate in the Popcorn Story Camp will showcase their films and projects and share them with all of us.

Although this content is being created for the summer program, everything we’re doing is customizable and modular. We’ll have DIYs, Cheatsheets, Curriculum and Information that are supported by a six chapter film that covers things like Media History and Remixing. We’ll be creating online and downloadable resources to get filmmakers thinking about their craft in a whole new light.

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It’s not *just* Popcorn

4 thoughts on “It’s not *just* Popcorn

  1. Hi aura,
    cool stuff, do you know if there is a list of organizations who are hosting this in either, Chicago, New York, CT, Portland, Seattle or the Bay Area… i would like to help and learn!
    Thanks! ~a

  2. Ben Moskowitz says:

    Abigail, here are the participating orgs so far:

    Bay Area Video Coalition — Oakland
    Center for Multicultural Cooperation — Fresno / Sacramento
    Community Media Access Partnership Central Valley, CA
    Free Sprit Media — Chicago
    Hive Learning Networks — New York / Chicago
    Hollywood Theatre (Project Youth Doc) — Portland, OR
    Los Angeles YMCA — Los Angeles
    Media Arts Center — San Diego
    Metro Center YMCA — Seattle
    Metro East Community Media — Gresham, OR
    Northampton Community Television — Northampton, MA
    Portland Community Media — Portland, OR
    Spy Hop Productions — Salt Lake City
    Youth Media Institute — Seattle

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