A Billion Acts Proposal

I think visually, so I like to make maps and models and stuff to help me think through complicated ideas. Before the break I decided to make a brief presentation to help explain an interactive concept for/with Greenpeace.

I wanted to play a little with animation, and stumbled upon HTML5Maker. I started building, ignoring past experience with WYSIWYGs. It’s a good tool for novices. If you have pro web skillz, you’ll learn that the export is all images. You will cry at accessibility’s death.

Without wanting to spend more time on this before putting it out there for feedback, I’ve left it as an inaccessible (though not as bad as flash) export. Next time, I won’t try to save time with a user interface. Still, if you need an alternative to powerpoint or prezi, take a look at HTML5Maker.

Read/comment on the brief on this project here, or just watch the show below. Please comment, reach out, give feedback, ask questions or otherwise chat about this project – Greenpeace (and I) would love the help ;)

A Billion Acts Proposal

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