Let’s Wing it!

One of the best things about being a lifelong learner is that you’re not afraid to try something new.

Starting September 30th, the Mentor Community Team will be running a series of informal Geekouts through HOMAGO, a new initiative from our friends over at Connected Learning. HOMAGO is a new platform that aims to “build a friendly and supportive place for people to connect with others who share their interests and want to level up their expertise together.”

The Mentor Community is full of interesting and talented people, so we want to experiment with some synchronous skill shares in the lead up to Mozfest. Go fill out your HOMAGO profile (you can login with your G+ credentials!), so people know what you want to learn and what you could help others learn. If you have a half hour or an hour and want to share something, we can help publicize your session. You can share anything you like, from a specific piece of code to a run-through of your favorite tool.

All our Geekouts will be live streaming on YouTube for folks who don’t make it into the face to face video sessions, and we’ll be checking Twitter for questions or comments that use the #teachtheweb hashtag. If you have IRC set up, we’ll be in #teachtheweb there as well.

Currently on the schedule:

  • September 30th Make an Image Gallery with Javascript
    with William Duyck

    • Level Up for Mozfest: Learn a little about the history of the Mozilla Festival and some Javascript too! On September 30th at 16:00UTC (12pm EST), we’ll be running a Geekout in which we’ll teach you how to make an image gallery and share some Mozfest memories.
    • You’ll get an introduction to Javascript variables, functions, events and conditions, some quick tips on CSS tansitions and some collaborative coding while we hack on the image gallery. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear about past Mozfests and gear up for the Mozilla Festival 2013.
  • October 11th Make a Simple Javascript Game
    with Hezron Obuchele and Sylvan Ash

    • On October 11th at 17:00UTC (1pm EST), we’re going to run an experimental activity in which we’ll collaborate via the Web to imagine, write, and program a game. We’ll use some silent etherpadding to quickly imagine a brand new character with a challenge to overcome. Then we’ll take that character and use Javascript to bring him/her/it to life.
    • You’ll learn about different kinds of game mechanics and get an introduction into programming a simple game. How much of the game can we get done in a single hour? Join us and find out!
    • https://mozteach.makes.org/thimble/adventure-time-for-a-virtual-audience

We’ll be hacking together, there are no prerequisites for these Geekouts :)

 Join us September 30th for the first Geekout! Want to run a Geekout? Get in touch!

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Let’s Wing it!

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