Iterating organizing structures

Here’s another stab at trying to nail down the competencies and topics leaders in the open community need to have and an organizing structure for Teach Like Mozilla. I’ve worked in the initial suggestions from the community, and made quite a few new changes as I was sorting and organizing content from across Mozilla Learning – seeing those resources just made me realize how complicated sorting mechanisms can be.


After thinking that “Facilitating” encompasses a series of skills and behaviors that are embedded in many of the other competencies, I changed the second strand to include facilitating as an overarching concept. I also slotted “developing leadership” under participation because I feel like mentorship and personal/professional development among collaborators is part of participating with an open ethos. Then I swapped “playtesting” as an overarching competency and replaced in with “prototyping” of which I feel “playtesting” plays a part.

We can discuss all this and more in this week’s Open Web Leadership Call! Or leave comments, contact me on twitter or start a discussion in Discourse, whatever your preference, I’d love to hear what you think ;)

Iterating organizing structures

4 thoughts on “Iterating organizing structures

  1. Laura,

    I like the redesign. I feel like you captured more of the nuance than the previous iteration.

    The prototyping feels a little out of place in its competency. Sounds a lot like making.

    This, and I know you love pushing back against grammar rules, is minor but I love parallelism when you are going with such a firm text structure (3 x 3 grid). So I wonder about “making, open practices, and participation.”

    The verb and and two nouns just don’t sit right on my tongue. Especially when I think about adding the “understanding”. Am I understanding making? Can we understand what we do?

    Could we do Knowledge as the subheading understanding and move participatory learning down? Could get at Sam Dyson’s deep learning.

    Wait learning…That’s a verb or is it one of those great words that is both a thing and an action? Is making the same? Something we understand and do?

    1. Laura Hilliger says:

      To be honest, I’m playing with the idea of ditching the first section all together. I think we could make an argument that those competencies fit under the (newly titles) “Facilitating” strand because I think it’s hard to understand theory without seeing it in action. That would solve the making/prototyping issue…Looking forward to discussing with you in our call!

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