Connecting Dots

My super power is that I see connections between disparate things, and I’m a strategic meta-thinker. I speak, write, facilitate, make things and take part in the open community.

Theme + Learning Design + Leadership Development = Participation and Contribution

The complexity of the human brain is a constant source of awe for me. The compilation of my psych-test-proven “strengths” do a pretty good job of illustrating how my mind ticks.

I apply my brain in nearly 100% of my work.

My top five strengths, according to Gallup Strengths Center, are Strategic, Ideation, Communication, Activator and Adaptability. Top five according to my cat: Meow, meoow, purr, schnuuurrrrr, meerow.



People tell me I’m creative and that I “think out of the box”. I become curious, so I learn, then I go down a rabbit hole of curiosity and at the end, I say “You know that problem we were talking about? I think I know what we can do about it.”


I look at motivations and themes, talk to a bunch of different people and then pull together disparate parts into a working whole. I scribble in a notebook. I daydream. I play around with ideas.


I talk about ideas. I explain my perspective, people offer feedback, I reflect on their perspectives. Through collaboration and communication, the ideas grow, the strategy becomes more specific.


I like to get people to collaborate around an idea. I invite them to “own” it with me. I try to get other people excited about the things that excite me, and when I see that they’re excited about something, I make a mental note. I invite people into my work. Everyone needs feedback and support, I’m eager to give it and to receive it.


Nothing survives contact with all the stakeholders. Luckily, I’m adaptable. There are rarely ideas I’m attached to, and when situations change, I get excited about working things out.